M.A. Álvarez

M.A. Álvarez. Escritora, dibujante y diseñadora gráfica

Illustrator, Drawer and Graphic Designer.

M. A. Álvarez. Fine Arts. Illustrator, Drawer and Graphic Designer. I have professional experience as a graphic, editorial and web designer. Some of my works have been published in different formats: books, magazines, websites and even video games. I have designed the covers of my own novels and those of other writers and publications. In addition, I have participated as a Storyboard Artist in short films and as a Concept Artist.

I am part of the staff of La Cabina de Nemo, a physical publication officially presented and recognized in International Film Festivals and nominated in the AEFCFT Ignotus Literary Awards in 2019, 2020 and 2021.



Skeleton Minstrel Illustration Bruja Steampunk Crossover. Sombrero. El Décimo Paciente. MUMMY CAT HORROR TOY BEAR Fan Art Pennywise WEREWOLF. Admirante Ackbar. Star Wars

Book Covers

Concept Art / Character Design

Graphic Design


Viki. Granado Espada

2D Animation

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